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  • I made a special Kitty

    Now he’s all packed up on his way to Blockhead’s Cat-mum. And now – to work on my NEW COLLECTION!  

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  • Last Private Commission of 2012

    This is Blockhead, my talented friend Hazel’s cat. Well, one of them. She is a confirmed cat lady. She asked me to immortalise him in thread for her. Now I would not normally divert from the Mother Eagle path and do something like this, but Hazel is a very magical girl, and Blockhead is a magical cat, so all good. He’s not COMPLETELY finished, I need to make him a bit more jowly, and obviously set him in a pendant. His eyes are aqua silk and the rest cotton, built up in free running stitch, split stitch etc. He’s quite sweet...

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  • On My Bookshelf...The Patchwork Cat

    A lot of my books are classics, but it’s great to share one that isn’t so well known. This one combines CATS with TEXTILES! WIN. As usual this is/was a fave bedtime story, from 1981. It tells the story of a cat called Tabby. The illustrations are GORGEOUS. Soft and delicate yet incredibly detailed. This person loves cats for sure. And Tabby kind of looks like my Bengals Tulu/Mi-Go. In it we learn how Tabby loves her life and LOVES her patchwork quilt. And loves the Milkman (hope that’s special Cat milk he’s giving her). The mum in the story...

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