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  • Death’s Head Hawkmoth - Private Commission

    I finished off this guy, a special commission, on Friday. I realised he looks bizarre here, with a bad hair day, but this is the first row of turkey rug stitch. It’s not the first time I’ve used this stitch, technically stumpwork as it is a raised effect (although it’s used in a teeny patch here). I used it for the first time on my Death Cap Pendant and it is actually very simple to do, only tricky to do evenly in such a tiny area. I won’t go into how-to’s – I’m not that kinda blogger – but if...

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  • One-Handed Embroidery

    Obviously having a broken wrist WILL NOT DETER ME in my obsessive pursuit of needle arts. Whilst the swans were in progress, I was commissioned by a brilliant friend to make a brooch for her. A moth. She said if it COULD have a skull on the back that would be cool. I said it can’t NOT have a skull on the back, so this cheerful-in-a-harbinger-of-death-type-way fellow was begun. It’s a nice simple shape with lots of potential for complex colours and textures. I drew on some extra pattern guide lines freehand with a dressmaker’s pencil. I was using a...

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