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  • Dedicated to Mrs. F

    Salem admiring my first attempt at sock-knitting. Accidentally on purpose pointy pixie feet But me being me, these will not be socks. These will be Halloween stockings for putting little gifts in. Like tangerines and nuts, but more spooky. Like, apples and baby teeth.  

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  • New skills

    Ooo I just love it when I learn a new craft and ten minutes in I’m not burning it or chewing it or spitting on it. I decided I needed a project that was a little more mindless and repetitive, so I could snuggle up with adored husband and watch movies of an evening without him getting sniffy that I can’t follow the plot or whatever. A recreational craft. I’d just read Jane Brocket’s lovely Gentle Art of Domesticity and all the gorgeous colour and testure in there revived an interest in yarn-type things. Autumn + Leeds wind = socks....

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