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  • Halloween at my house, 2011

    Frankenstein's Monster Beetlejuice The Creature From The Black Lagoon Fright Night Pudding! That’s my Sylvia Ji impression. This year was a fabulous Halloween, with all the perfect ingredients: pumpkin carving a la my man (his annual weekend craft project), scary movies, stodgy, wintery food (meatballs and  cheesy cornbread and my special carrot cake as pictured above) and costumes. And the best bit of course, is that it is our 3rd wedding anniversary and we spent it together, geeking out. xx Happy Hallow’een!   

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  • Pumpkin Hall of Fame

    Hello. Did you know I LOVE pumpkins? I love the shape of them, the way they grow, the colour, the autumnyness (that’s a word) of them and, well, just everything about them. Linked to source But do you know what our bestest thing to do with pumpkins is? I bet you can guess… It all started with our wedding in 2008: He made these!: So far so good. Next year – 2009 – we did these: Pumpkin King Cheshire Cat Jack! It had to be Jacko. Then last year we did these: Slimer Pinhead Uncle Vlad Bloody Mary Honestly –...

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  • Halloween: A love story

    WooooOOOOOOOooooo Ah Halloween. The breath of winter in the wind, but the gold of summer clinging to the trees. I’m such a poet. Well, I can’t help but be lyrical about my FAVE day of the year, particularly because this happened: Think the font is 'Burtonesque' or something cool like that. Before Mr T (not that one) and I got engaged (which is another breathtaking story of romance, set against a gothic Parisien backdrop. *sigh*) we were having dinner one day and got on to the subject of Halloween, and how we would LOVE to go to a wicked Halloween...

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