About Mother Eagle

Telling stories of the deep, dark woods in every stitch...


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In the deep dark woods amongst magic folk and talking animals, Mother Eagle lives. From here she whispers tales of potions made with poisonous toadstools, and secrets told to her by travelling beetles and the bones of her ancestors...

Mother Eagle first started leading me down a trail of breadcrumbs to her magical gingerbread house in 2007. It was a trail that led past silver Werewolves, nuggets of Bloodstone and dark green cats.

There's been several incarnations of the Eagle along the way, but my true heart's love is fine hand embroidery. I am a fifth-generation needleworker and first learned my craft at my mother's knee as a little child. Since then I am largely self taught, learning new techniques from books and experimenting. In 2015 I completed my first formal training in embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace, studying coloured metal threadwork.

I design and create everything you see here with my own two hands, and my embroideries are painstakingly stitched, taking often hundreds of hours of meticulous work. I use a magnifying lamp to help me make the tiny stitches, many no more than a couple of millimetres long. My intention with every piece is that they become 'instant heirlooms'; I hope that they give you joy for years, before you pass them on to a loved one. 

Everything I make is inspired by my fictional muse, Mother Eagle, whom you can read about here in a short fiction I wrote about her.

I am always learning, to enhance and perfect my skills, and to try and bring traditional techniques to a new, contemporary audience.

If you love faery tales and things that go bump in the night, if you have a little goth inside you that keeps trying to get you to wear black lipstick, if you love hugging trees and talking to cats...then Mother Eagle loves you too.

Thank you for visiting.

Katie x