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My name's Katie and I've been creating for Mother Eagle since 2007. There's been several incarnations of the Eagle along the way, but my true heart's love is fine, hand embroidery. I am a fifth-generation needleworker and have learned my craft at my mother's knee since I was a little child.

I design and create my own patterns by hand, and my embroideries are painstakingly stitched in miniature, taking many, many hours of meticulous work. I use magnifying lamps to help me make the tiny stitches, most no more than a millimetre long. I use an array of fine English needles to ensure the finish is neat and tidy. My intention with every piece is that they become 'instant heirlooms'; I hope that they give you joy for years, before you pass them on to a loved one. 

I am always learning, to enhance and perfect my skills, and to try and bring traditional techniques to a new, contemporary audience.

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