Private Commissions

~ UPDATE! I am not currently taking any commissions as I work on my new collection of large embroidery art pieces. ~

I enjoy collaborating with clients and helping make your ideas into unique embroidered treasures -  just email me! But first, please read the following guidelines and information ~ Katie

You can commission me to create something from an old Mother Eagle design, something exisitng in a different colour or slightly different composition (such as a brooch rather than a pendant, wood rather than metal for example) or something totally new.

I have never commissioned a piece of art before and was a little nervous about the process. Katie immediately allayed any concerns I initially had as she started off asking me lots of questions about what I wanted as well as talking me through each step of the process in detail. I loved that Katie was open to my ideas and suggestions and while we obviously created something together that absolutely fits into her brand and creative, I was able to aquire a completely personal piece of art. I was astounded at how quickly she was able to understand exactly what I wanted (even with my sketchy descriptions and lack of technical knowledge). Throughout the process, Katie kept me completely up to date with progress and asked for my feedback throughout. It really felt like a partnership and that we created something together (of course with Katie doing all of the very hard and brilliant work!). I've shared the experience with many people I know and they have all said how amazing it sounds and are thinking about commissions for themselves or for gifts (particularly weddings - which I think would be absolutely lovely for someone!!). I can certainly see some Mother Eagle pieces hanging in my favourite store (Liberty's) sometime in the future so I'm glad I snapped one up now! ~ LW, 'Swans' commission.

You've done a truly amazing job and it will be an honour to own such a wonderful piece of art. ~RL, Moths Trio, above.

  • For a completely new design made into a piece of jewellery, prices start at £99 including gift wrap. For artwork the price will depend on the size and time needed to complete the embroidery.
  • Up to a certain size* the price quoted can include professional specialist finishing and framing (shipping is charged seperately based on weight and size).
  • All private commissions require a deposit prior to commencement of works. This is non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • Commissions are undertaken on a first-come, first-served basis, and as such you may have to wait before your pieces can begin.
  • No new commission work can be accepted in the three months prior to Christmas. The cut off date is 30th September and will open again on 1st January.


*Please note I cannot frame anything to a finished size larger than 16" x 20". This is due to the high risk of the glass breaking in transit (see here for a good example why!) Embroideries larger than this will be sent, stretched and pressed, packed in acid free tissue, and ready to be framed by your local framer.

Important! All private commissions are undertaken on the basis of collaboration between you the client and myself as the artist. As such I may decline to take on any commission if I feel it doesn't complement my embroidery style or harmonise with the overall Mother Eagle ethos. The collaborative process will involve my interpretation of your ideas and creation of something special and unique for you. I will not blog work-in-progress on your piece without your written permission first. Although unlikely, with all designs I reserve the right to reproduce the design in a future collection.

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