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      • Royal School of Needlework course, or What I Did on My Holidays

        This is a post of me showing off because I WENT TO THE ROYAL SCHOOL OF NEEDLEWORK AT HAMPTON COURT PALACE WHERE KING HENRY XII LIVED AND DID A COURSE IN COLOURED METAL THREADWORK YO. So I had a holiday recently and spent 2 nights in Hampton Court having my...

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      • The Queen of Snails

        Hello, here's a great big blog post for you all about how I made the Queen of Snails.  Unlike the God of Adversity this piece was pretty much fully realised from sketch through to completion. In actual fact, the snail has been one of the first things I drew in my...

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      • The God Of Adversity

        Hi everyone *waves* Just finished this big piece, my second one arguably fully realising my creative expression as an artist in large format. So here's a nice juicey long blog post with lost of photos telling you how I did it. Just before I finished the God of Crabs back...

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